Who is Salty Sheep Dogs?

Salty Sheep Dogs LLC was designed to make a change in the community of Veterans, individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and for all the unsung heroes in our lives, our dogs.

We believe in the loyal bond between the human and the dog. From Dalmatians for Firemen, German Shepherds, loyal companions for Military and Police, St Bernard's and their use in numerous alpine rescues, and to every dog out there providing emotional support and service to our Veterans and all people from all over. The term "Man's Best Friend" has always stayed true to it's word. We stay true to our loyal friends as they are often unsung heroes. 

Many have found the comfort and loyalty of a furry friend. We hope to spread awareness to all that we are never alone. Challenges that are faced do not have to be faced alone! We help support charities through occasional donations and promotions from our company that starts with you and our other loyal customers. 

About the Name

Salty Sheep Dogs was named off an old tale that tells us there are sheep, wolves and sheep dogs. Many civilians are sheep. Happy to move through life, oblivious to the threats surrounding them. Lurking all around these sheep are wolves. Wolves want to cause terror, to disrupt the sheep's way of life. They threaten the very existence of the sheep. Lastly there are the sheep dogs. Sheep dogs protect the sheep from the wolves, and the wolves don't win in these fights. But we have special sheep dogs who are salty. Salty is another old term meaning "down to earth", or "coarse"; 'tough' or 'aggressive'. 

We're salty because we see what many individuals are suffering from day to day with not enough support. We believe every dog can be a Sheep Dog, a Sheep Dog for his human. Whether that be through emotional support, a friend in general, or through other service and support. They are our Sheep Dogs. We are Salty Sheep Dogs.

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